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“1984, George Orwell By. George Orwell”

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Originally published in 1949, George Orwell 1984 is a political fiction of a dystopian state. It examines the functioning of a totalitarian government and the consequential repression of the society. The story takes place in Oceania at a time when the world is going through war, the government exercises complete control, constant surveillance, manipulation of historical details and freedom of expression does not exist.Winston Smith, who is but a small cog in the big wheel that is the government, secretly wishes to revolt. Amidst all of it, he falls in a banished love affair with a co-worker, Julia. As the drama unfolds, observe the four eternal rules at play which can knock out any ruling party from power: 1. By being overthrown by another, more powerful party 2. By failing in its governance 3. By getting overpowered by a middle group and 4. By losing its own worth, leading to its annihilation unveil the curtain from the social and political norms of the times when wrong is right for those who hold power; deception and travesty is close to bringing solace and truth doesn’t stand a chance.



George Orwell


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SATYA KE PRAYOG - MERI AATAMKATHA By. Mohandas karmchander gandhi

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Cheeron Par Chandani by Nirmal Verma

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A5 Books Professionally Printed and Bound farman

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300gsm Cover and 90gsm Text A5 Bound Books are 148mm x 210mm (Portrait) Optional cover lamination Professionally printed and bound books Optional pre-production proof

The Richest Man in Babylon By. George S. Calson

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